Aqua Aerobic


Today aqua aerobics is not a new term but very fast spreading buzzword. Aqua aerobics are exercises done in the water and helps you burn calories in many ways.

This doesn’t even require knowledge of swimming. The aerobics can be performed anytime in the pool. With the help of aqua aerobics, you can give a perfect shape to your body and be slim. Aqua aerobics is also considered most favorable exercise suggested by many doctors. With no side effects, you can reach a very affordable exercise. Sometimes you may require exercising tools but even without that you can perform and aqua aerobics well.

Aqua Curves specializes in aqua aerobics. Our aqua aerobics experts know the exercises to assist you gain the perfect shape. Apart from aqua aerobics, we are also experienced trainers of aqua dancing and aqua resistance.

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Aqua Curves is a Bangalore based team of swimming and aqua aerobic experts engaged in training children and adults.